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HM-F FT escape route sliding door

Guaranteed escape route even when door is locked

Buildings such as hospitals, hotels and airports as well as residential care homes for the
elderly and disabled must always provide an escape option in night mode. During the day
the benefits of an automatic sliding door, such as rapid opening, should also be available.
Fortunately the first sliding door also to be approved as an escape door when locked
is now available from the GU Group: the escape route sliding door HM-F FT guarantees the
availability of rescue routes and that the building is closed – all in one door element with no
other escape door required. This gives architects and planners more freedom when designing prestigious entrances that must comply with the AutSchR (German directive governing automatic sliding doors in rescue routes), EltVTR (German directive governing electrical locking systems on doors in escape routes), and also DIN 18650 and EN 16005.

Fulfils both directives and architectural visions


Automatic / Exit operation mode

The movement sensors are active in Automatic or Exit operation mode. The door opens automatically when approached. Redundancy ensures that the sliding door opens automatically in the escape direction.

Off / Night operation mode

The sliding door becomes a swing door with escape door security. The door is locked and the movement sensors are inactive – the door therefore no longer opens when approached. The sliding door is secured against being pushed open via the integrated sliding door locking system and against break-out by escape door strikes in the pivot hardware.

Off / Night operation mode – emergency

If the emergency push-button is pressed or if triggered via the building control system, the electric escape door strikes are released. The sidehung panels can also be pushed open in the event of a power failure or in a panic situation. The escape route is ensured, even if a load is
applied on the door leaves in the escape direction.

Off / Night operation mode – authorised access

The door can be unlocked  by authorised persons via access control or push-buttons on the inside and accessed as a sliding door. Following access, the door locks automatically.


Tech­ni­cal details

Application 1-leaf 2-leaf

Clear passage width [1] [2]



Clear escape route width [1]



Clear passage height

max. 3000mm

Clear escape route height

max. 2947mm

Height of drive


Minimum drive length

2 x CPW + 70 mm

2 x CPW + 130mm

Opening speed

max. 0,9 m/s


[1] Standard dimensions, taking into account the overall measurement, the ratio of height and width and the local installation conditions; special solutions on request.
[2] The mandatory escape route width must be observed.


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