The GU Automatic Company

GU Automatic GmbH, your reliable partner in the door automation sector!

A central location where all global functions meet: development and sales, construction, production, shipment and installation, ensures for short distances and direct communication. This circumstance GU Automatic owes its huge flexibility at (further) development of its products.

Made in Germany
GU Automatic

All GU Automatic products will be developed in our own division.

The team exists of 15 experienced technicians and engineers of different disciplines. 

A generous workshop allowes the construction of prototypes and samples  who can be installed and extensive tested in the adjacent test center.

Finally all recent developments pass a strict internal quality control before they will be introduced to type examination tests at German TÜV.


Our team of more than 20 sales representatives will accompany you from first advice and site measuring up to installation and technical briefing for your new automatic door. As certified skilled persons our sale representatives will be as well at your proposal for all questions in the After Sales Service.

Furthermore our back office team will give advice on the phone and will take care for your offers and orders. 

Your contact person please find in the map below.


After processing your order by our sales team, our department for construction and production planning will work on it.

With currently 10 HiCAD workplaces we create project-based construction drawings, material and parts list for our production.

These lists control every production step automatically and "just in time". Also material from our sub-suppliers (e.g. glass) will be ordered in this way, exactly in accordance with production deadline.


After technical processing your orders  facility data and technical demands will be transmitted digitally to our production.

There works a high motivated and best scilled team to manufacture your ordered door system in a single-unit production.

At this, our employees will be supported by modern production machinery.

Always with highest quality requirement, true to the motto:

Made in Germany

Your new automatic door now is ready for dispatch and installation.

Safely packed, our logistics department ensures for safe transport to installation site or delivery address. 

Shipping will be done with our own fleet always in coordination with our assembly department.


Currently we own 22 installation teams in Germany. They will be coordinated by our in-house mounting department.

In peak periods we work additionally with well trained partner companies to shorten delivery and installation times.


GU Automatic GmbH has grown to one of the leading supplier of demanding automatic entrance systems, glass sliding panels and  controlled physical acces systems.

Foundet in 1977 as "ats - Automatik-Tür-Systeme GmbH" in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, it got a member of the Gretsch-Unitas group in 2005. Since 2009 the company operates under the name "GU Automatic GmbH" and moved to Rietberg, district Gütersloh, at the end of 2015.

In Germany installation, maintenance and service will be assumed by GU Service GmbH - a sister company out of the Gretsch-Unitas group.


Verkaufsberater in Deutschland


Jetzt Bundesland auswählen und persönlichen Verkaufsberater finden!


Gesamtverzeichnis unserer Verkaufsberater

  • Vertriebsniederlassung

    PLZ-Bereich: 17-19, 20, 22-28, 49

    GU Automatic GmbH
    Ralf Nienstermann
    Projekt-Verkaufsberater Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg

    28844 Weyhe

    0 52 44/90 75- 234

  • Vertriebsniederlassung

    PLZ-Bereich 32, 33, 34, 59

    GU Automatic GmbH
    Philip Otterpohl
    Projekt-Verkaufsberater NRW-Hessen Nord

    33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück

    0 52 44/90 75- 218

  • Vertriebsniederlassung

    PLZ-Bereich: 17-19, 20-28, 49

    GU Automatic GmbH
    Ralf Nienstermann
    Projekt-Verkaufsberater Bremen/Niedersachsen-West

    28844 Weyhe

    0 52 44/90 75- 234

  • Vertriebsniederlassung

    PLZ-Bereich: 10,12-16,39

    GU Automatic GmbH
    Philip Schieck
    Projekt-Verkaufsberater Berlin/Brandenburg

    14641 Nauen

    0 52 44/90 75- 234

  • Vertriebsniederlassung

    PLZ-Bereich: 40, 42, 44, 45, 57, 58

    GU Automatic GmbH
    André Emmrich
    Projekt-Verkaufsberater NRW-Ruhrgebiet

    42549 Velbert

    0 52 44/90 75- 214

  • Vertriebsniederlassung

    PLZ-Bereich: 41, 46 - 48

    GU Automatic GmbH
    Klaus van Husen
    Projekt-Verkaufsberater NRW-Münsterland

    46395 Bocholt

    0 52 44/90 75- 214

  • Vertriebsniederlassung

    PLZ-Bereich: 60, 61, 63, 64, 67-69, 74

    GU Automatic GmbH
    Timo Harbich

    36286 Neuenstein

    0 52 44/90 75- 212

  • Vertriebsniederlassung

    PLZ-Bereich: 29 -31,37,38

    GU Automatic GmbH
    Florian, Magritz
    Projekt-Verkaufsberater NRW-Niedersachsen

    31832 Springe

    0 52 44/90 75- 234

  • Vertriebsniederlassung

    PLZ-Bereich: 01-09, 98, 99

    GU Automatic GmbH
    Carsten Lukes
    Projekt-Verkaufsberater Sachsen / Thüringen

    07806 Neustadt / Orla

    0 52 44/90 75- 231

  • Vertriebsniederlassung

    PLZ-Bereich: 50-53

    GU Automatic GmbH
    André Rühlinger
    Projekt-Verkaufsberater NRW-Rheinland

    51427 Bergisch Gladbach

    0 52 44/90 75- 217

Vorsprung mit System


GU Automatic GmbH
Karl-Schiller-Straße 12
33397 Rietberg


  • +49 (0) 5244 90 75 -100
  • +49 (0) 5244 90 75 -589
  • nfg-tmtcd


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